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  • Golden Skull for Pocket PC 1.0

    Golden Skull is a puzzle adventure game that will take you on an unforgettable journey through undiscovered Mayan pyramids and long forgotten ruins. Featuring amazing graphics, and an entertaining story mode, Golden
  • Treasure Puzzle 1.0

    Treasure puzzle, developed by Media contact LLC, takes you to an amazing adventure in search for ancient treasures. After finding an old map of a strange island, you are given the task of uncovering the secret treasures
  • Pirates of Treasure Island 1.02

    A relaxing game with a unique combination of brick-matching puzzle and exciting adventure. Every move you make on the puzzle screen guides the games main character - Captain Gingerbeard - on his adventure to find the
  • Planet Blupi 1.6

    Planet Blupi 1.6 offers you a chance to play a challenging adventure-puzzle game. Planet Blupi is an adventure game that subtly blends action with thought-provoking challenges. Behind the game's quiet and gentle facade,
  • Shroomz 1.0

    Get your daily dose of action, adventure, and puzzle solving with this unique game. Awarded Billboard's Web/Downloadable game of the Year, Shroomz mixes a fairytale storyline with exciting puzzle game play. Guide
  • Adventure Inlay 1.0

    Take the adventure of a lifetime! adventure Inlay is packed front to back with hand crafted levels and ingenious game play. Over sixty gorgeously rendered wildlife scenes fill the adventure Inlay landscape. Challenge
  • Serpent of Isis - Your Journey Continues

    Serpent of Isis - Your Journey Continues is an ingenious puzzle game. In this game you must find the Tomb of Isis and finish the search that Robert’s Grandpa started. After Professor Thomas Penroy is kidnapped, it’s up
  • Ta-Ta Mahatta 1.02

    Ta-Ta Mahatta is a 3D third person adventure puzzle following the Ta-Tas?? quest to rid the Fungi infestion from their land. The game is designed for an ESRB rating of E: Everyone Features: A unique 3D
  • Pahelika: Revelations 1.0

    It all began with a series of nightmares - no, it was just that one nightmare that always harassed Sudesh Budkoti. Not knowing what to do, he tried to understand what had actually happened during his last adventure.
  • Tale of a Hero 1.0

    Tale of a Hero is fantasy adventure with a fairy tale atmosphere, spreading dialogues, original characters, elaborate puzzle design and subtle ironic humor. * point and click adventure featuring non-traditional hero who
  • Dragon Portals for Mac 1.0

    You have the chance to save the dragons with our radiant heroine Mila. Throughout more than 70 lvels in the adventure Mode you'll experience four fantastic environments and more than a dozen amazing powerups. After
  • Wiggi Walk

    Wiggi Walk is an interesting adventure game for free. Create your own Wiggi and go to the adventure in this game of puzzle that explains to children how to solve problems and how to react with strangers on the Internet.
  • Neko Puzzle Demo 1.1

    Neko puzzle is a cute puzzle game that will make you feel good! Think fast to guide a little jumping cat around each puzzle before the time runs out. Features adorable graphics, a puzzle solver in case you get stuck,
  • Dark Fall: The Journal 1.0

    Dark Fall uses a simple point-and-click interface to move the player around and manipulate the environment. The player has a basic inventory which due to the game's puzzle-based nature only ever holds a few items.
  • Rubies! 1.0

    Rubies is a action puzzle game in which you must remove all the rubies from the playfield. But first you must destroy all the color bricks, all while avoiding the deadly skull blocks. This game is a mix of breakout and a
  • Gabriel Knight 1.0

    Gabriel Knight is a serie of graphic adventure games divided into three episodes. In case you don't know, a graphic adventure (also known as adventure game) is a genre of game where storytelling, inventory, puzzles and
  • Wonderland Adventures 2 1.02

    The new adventure puzzle in the world of Wonderland is Mysteries of Fire Island. This is a new puzzle that is filled with new discoveries, ancient secrets, and a surprising conclusion. It lets you enjoy the game for
  • Provillus Puzzle 1.0

    Online 99 piece Provillus puzzle game Free This is a Online 99 piece Provillus puzzle game. Free To Download.The Provillus puzzle is a really cool 99 piece jigsaw puzzle complete with full in game controls. It comes
  • SudokuMania 2.15

    This is the game based on the very popular logical numeric game, mostly known by anyone - Sudoku. Contains loads of levels from the easiest to the hardest ones. game is also enriched with timer, which shows you how
  • Dream Chronicles 2 The Eternal Maze 1.0

    Dream Chronicles 2 The Eternal Maze is an adventure and puzzle game. Each level becomes more complex as players advance through the game, and how players solve the puzzles will vary greatly. There are many puzzle types
  • Pakoombo

    Help a friendly family save their island home in Pakoombo(TM), a unique puzzle game that's full of tropical fun! When the evil Mr. Lyar threatens to sell their home, it's up to Cathy and her brothers to find a hidden
  • Alex Adventure 1.0

    Alex adventure is a adventure games but with a little puzzle
  • Green Home 1.0

    The green home puzzle is a jigsaw game that you can play on your home computer. The green home puzzle game is challenging, safe, and fun for all ages. The puzzle was created based on a cabin in Tonasket Washington in
  • Phoenix Dyne Enigma 1.0

    Enigma - The puzzle game. Rack up the points and solve 2,000 puzzles in this Wheel of Fortune-like puzzle game. Choose from 5 different categories and various puzzle sets including General, Entertainment, Music, Sports,
  • Catherine - Nightmares Trailer 1.0

    Catherine is an erotic horror puzzle-platformer adventure video game,this is a Nightmares

    The game is a cross between the traditional game Battleship, the puzzle game of Picture Logic (or Paint By Number) and Minesweeper. The object is find the hidden ships in the grid using the numbers around the grid as
  • Puzzle Games - Aladdin 1.0

    Welcome to an exciting world of Aladdin puzzle game. Your task is to arrange al the tiles from the puzzle in the correct possition. In this game you finish only when you will arrange all the tiles in correct position.
  • Sweety Puzzle DEMO 1.0

    "Small cute puzzle game that brings out the happiness in you!" Sweety puzzle is a cute and colorful 2D puzzle that has 44 levels. Unique game play that is a mix between " Go " and " Color match " , so you can put the
  • 6MPuzzles 1.1

    Jigsaw puzzles with automatic download of pictures 6Mpuzzles is a jigsaw puzzle game where you can make an unlimited number of puzzles. The game is continuously updated with new pictures few days after they are taken.
  • Puzzle Park 2.78

    puzzle Park is an awesome puzzle game with a classic match-3 gameplay, with lots of adventures features developed by iWin Inc. This great puzzle game takes you to a wonderful park, full of bright colors, candies, toys,