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  • Puzzle Adventure 1.0

    Do you like the classics? So you have no excuse for not trying Puzzle Adventure! Help Knight Gino save his princess Albicocca trough a kingdom of
  • Dream Woods 2 Puzzle Adventure 3.3.0

    Come into Emmy's dream and help her solve the match 3 puzzles! Take your chances to stop the evil Begood mage and his servants! Fight with them in the
  • Neopets Puzzle Adventure Trailer 1.0

    Neopets Puzzle Adventure
  • Adventure Elf 1.00

    Frank and all his other penguin pals have raided Santa's sleigh. (These penguins are pretty dumb and mistook the shiny, colorfully wrapped toys for
  • Adventure 1.00

    This is a Windows implementation of the classic 2600 Adventure game that I did as an exercise to learn Windows programming and DirectX. I also created
  • Adventure of Bob 1.0

    adventures of the fidgety person of the Bob.The objective of game is collect different items and destroy monsters. The main items is elements. You
  • Adventure Elf for Mac 1.0

    Frank and all his other penguin pals have raided Santa's sleigh. It s up to Oliver the Elf, to find those gifts and return them back to the Kringle
  • Mr Me"s Adventure 1.0

    A game so awesome I have a hard time making it instead of playing it. Mr Me's Adventure Features: Single-Player Players: 1 Genre:
  • Ted's Wet Adventure 1.0

    Tedfuzz has lost his bananas and he's hellbent on getting his 'nanas back. To his aid he has Tarry (aka Stevenup7002) and his monkey friends. But
  • Adventure for Mac 1.0

    Before there was Doom, Ultima, Rogue, or even Zork, there was... Adventure. There were other text computer games before Adventure, such as STARTREK
  • Kid Adventure 1.0

    The goal for you is to clear all the enemies to pass the levels. In the game, you will be a lovely but powerful boy to win the fight with kinds of
  • Pow Pow`s Great Adventure 1.1c

    Pow Pow's Great Adventure is a 3D platformer with classic 2D gameplay. Pow Pow is thrown into a strange world with his girlfriend Mai Mei.
  • Mythic Adventure 1.0

    Take a journey into the ancient greek myths with this inlay game! Mythic Adventure is a puzzle game with a mythological flavour and a simple but
  • Burglars Adventure 2.3

    Burglars Adventure a free funny logical game will not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults. The main character is going searching the biggest
  • RoboToys Adventure 1.00

    Help the RoboToys as they explore the world around them. Each day after the factory workers close up shop at the Toy Factory, the RoboToys come alive.
  • Sky Hero Adventure 3.0

    New incredibly addictive PacMan-style arcade game in full 3D. Play over 80 imaginative levels with great graphics and a unique features: power
  • Adventure Match 1.0

    This charming game will delight you for hours! Choose from four different puzzle games! As you match the girfts you may earn magic wands or diamond
  • Amazon Adventure 1.0

    You'll need to shoot an orb into the moving chain of colored balls trying to create a sequence of spheres of the same color. The free game for all
  • Woolies Adventure 1.0

    Unwind with great games such as Woolies Adventure, one of the many great games that you can find on http://www.myrealgames.com/. Casual games provide
  • Sea Adventure Screensaver 2.2

    This is very simple, but attractive sea screensaver, that shows us some underwater creatures swimming in dark waters. Colour scheme is blue and black.
  • Magic Adventure 1.0

    It is a nice fantasy match 3 puzzle game.Help the prince to save his princess, and defeat the dark wizard.Explore different locations, collect gems
  • Bots Adventure 1

    Lead this poor bot on his adventure to the next landing pad.
  • Christmas Adventure 2 2.0

    Christmas Adventure screensaver is one the most stunning and realistic Christmas screensaver that will remind you of all exciting feelings, and
  • Sprouts Adventure 1.0

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Sprouts! Sprouts are adorable creatures that have fallen upon desperate times. They need your help to thrive in
  • Mario Adventure 1

    Mario Adventure 1 is an interesting and funny game. In this game your aim is to search a vast 3D world as well as you will walk Jump, Run, Surf,
  • Adventure Solitaire 1.1

    Complete in this unique game that blends high adventure and solitaire. Play through 25 campaigns or 53 individual scenarios, or have the game create
  • Bali Adventure 1.0

    Awesome rolling Ball Action! Your friend has been abducted by forces unknown... hidden deep within the Bali Jungle! Hot on the trail, you must
  • Ben Franklin Adventure 1.0

    Play a card game with Ben Franklin. When Ally falls asleep in history class, she travels through time to meet none other than the venerable Ben
  • Adventure Golf 1.00

    Putt your way through 100 levels. Adventure Golf: Putt your way through 100
  • Dylo`s Adventure - Mac Os X 1.21

    An old-school platform game where Dylo -a groovy dinosaur- gets involved in the adventure of ruining the twisted plans of the evil space invaders who
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  • Pahelika: Revelations 1.0

    It all began with a series of nightmares - no, it was just that one nightmare that always harassed Sudesh Budkoti. Not knowing what to do, he tried to understand what had actually happened during his last adventure.
  • Pirates of Treasure Island 1.02

    A relaxing game with a unique combination of brick-matching puzzle and exciting adventure. Every move you make on the puzzle screen guides the games main character - Captain Gingerbeard - on his adventure to find the
  • Golden Skull for Pocket PC 1.0

    Golden Skull is a puzzle adventure game that will take you on an unforgettable journey through undiscovered Mayan pyramids and long forgotten ruins. Featuring amazing graphics, and an entertaining story mode, Golden
  • Alex Adventure 1.0

    Alex adventure is a adventure games but with a little puzzle
  • Treasure Puzzle 1.0

    Treasure puzzle, developed by Media contact LLC, takes you to an amazing adventure in search for ancient treasures. After finding an old map of a strange island, you are given the task of uncovering the secret treasures
  • Tale of a Hero 1.0

    Tale of a Hero is fantasy adventure with a fairy tale atmosphere, spreading dialogues, original characters, elaborate puzzle design and subtle ironic humor. * point and click adventure featuring non-traditional hero who
  • Sudoku Rain 1.0

    Su-doku Rain is a logic-based placement puzzle which is similar to number place. The goal of Su-doku Rain is to complete the puzzle by placing numerical digit from 1 through 9 logically on the grid. Each digits should be
  • Eco Rescue: Project Rainforest 1.0

    Embark on the ultimate exotic puzzle adventure that has a noble cause. The world's most prestigious rainforests are home to millions of exotic species, through your actions you can clean up the habitat and bring the
  • Adventure Inlay: Safari Edition 1.0

    Go on safari as this beautiful puzzle inlay draws you into the wild! With 4 challenging puzzle modes and over 60 wildlife landscapes to discover, the exploration is endless. Traditional mode will keep you on your toes.
  • Puzzle Quest 2: Levelling Trailer HD 1.0

    puzzle Quest 2 is a brand new adventure from Infinite Interactive, the award winning developer of the supreme puzzle-rpg experience. Featuring a hallmark blend of match-3 gem matching and fantasy, puzzle Quest 2 offers a
  • Puzzle Kingdoms 1.0

    From the acclaimed designer of puzzle Quest, Steve Fawkner of Infinite Interactive, comes puzzle Kingdoms. Deep, classic turn based empire gameplay tells an incredible story. Instead of auto-resolved conflict, a unique
  • Chromentum 2 1.00

    Chromentum 2 is one epic puzzle adventure. Help Goldy and Sweety in restoring their world to paradise by moving and shooting Chromates onto the circles. 16 Chromate types, full level editor and hundreds of levels, all
  • Adventure Inlay 1.0

    Take the adventure of a lifetime! adventure Inlay is packed front to back with hand crafted levels and ingenious game play. Over sixty gorgeously rendered wildlife scenes fill the adventure Inlay landscape. Challenge
  • Wonderland Adventures 2 1.02

    The new adventure puzzle in the world of Wonderland is Mysteries of Fire Island. This is a new puzzle that is filled with new discoveries, ancient secrets, and a surprising conclusion. It lets you enjoy the game for
  • Neopets Puzzle Adventure Trailer 1.0

    Neopets puzzle adventure
  • Planet Blupi 1.6

    Planet Blupi 1.6 offers you a chance to play a challenging adventure-puzzle game. Planet Blupi is an adventure game that subtly blends action with thought-provoking challenges. Behind the game's quiet and gentle facade,
  • Bubble Match 1.0

    Are you brave enough to help the dragons make their journey home? If so, adventure awaits you in Bubble Match! Plunge into a bubble blasting adventure with three amazing games with a total of over 200 different levels!
  • Neko Puzzle Demo 1.1

    Neko puzzle is a cute puzzle game that will make you feel good! Think fast to guide a little jumping cat around each puzzle before the time runs out. Features adorable graphics, a puzzle solver in case you get stuck,
  • Crazy Birds 1.0

    Action-puzzle adventure that takes you on across the world of crazy cute
  • Zulux 1.0

    Zulux is a glittering arcade puzzle, The adventure requires you to use your quick wit and skill as you have to shoot the colored balls moving in a chain trying to create a sequence of same color. As all the moving balls
  • Mystic Worldz - Secret of the Sock 1.0

    "Mystic Worldz - Secret Of The Sock" is a unique and addictive tile-matching adventure that will keep you playing! It has beautiful backgrounds, relaxing music and lots of challenging puzzles to solve! You can play the
  • Bounty: Special Edition 1.0

    It's adventure on the high seas with a puzzle game that will shiver your timbers! Set sail with Mirabelle and her motley crew, following the clues to the treasure of a lifetime. Play 140 mind-challenging levels making
  • Serpent of Isis - Your Journey Continues

    Serpent of Isis - Your Journey Continues is an ingenious puzzle game. In this game you must find the Tomb of Isis and finish the search that Robert’s Grandpa started. After Professor Thomas Penroy is kidnapped, it’s up
  • Luxor puzzle for Mac 1.0

    Luxor is an action-puzzle game that takes you on a thrilling adventure across the lands of Ancient Egypt. Battle Set and his evil minions across 88 mind-blowing levels, unleashing the awesome powers of Isis with various
  • Catherine - Nightmares Trailer 1.0

    Catherine is an erotic horror puzzle-platformer adventure video game,this is a Nightmares
  • Dark Fall: The Journal 1.0

    Dark Fall uses a simple point-and-click interface to move the player around and manipulate the environment. The player has a basic inventory which due to the game's puzzle-based nature only ever holds a few items.
  • Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign Collector's Edition

    Help out James Voodoo as he investigates a mysterious attack and goes on an incredible adventure in Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign! Explore the forsaken hamlet of Ravenhill, then travel the world`s wealthiest city,
  • Kirby Puzzles 1.0

    Half Bejeweled, half tower defense in an ode to puzzle Quest gameplay. Cool! Kirby puzzle adventure Kirby is traveling one direction. Use cursor to show him the right direction. Kirby is traveling one direction. Place
  • Tiger Puzzle 1.10

    puzzle against the clock. Tiger puzzle is a action-puzzle game for the whole family. Tiger puzzle contains many different themes like architecture, nature, technics and so on. Every theme contains 10 different puzzles
  • Neko Puzzle 1.0

    Think fast to guide a little jumping cat around each puzzle before the time runs out. Features adorable graphics, a puzzle solver in case you get stuck, and a random puzzle generator so that you never get the same puzzle